UK Best 1:1 Omega CK 859 Replica Watches

No, I did not go down the MoonSwatch path for one of my best fake watches of 2022. Was that watch significant? No doubt! Yet, there was an aaa quality replica Omega that truly caught my eye, and, surprisingly, it was not a Speedmaster.

Swiss made fake Omega UK decided to produce somewhat of a reissue of its ’30s sector-dial CK 859. For 2022, though, the watch gained a bit of diameter but is still reasonable at 39mm wide and just 46.2mm from lug to lug. Inside, the super clone watch uses the manual-wind, METAS-certified caliber 8926.

Sadly, luxury replica Omega has already discontinued this €6,800 model, but it is available on the secondary market for this price or slightly less. What I enjoy about this piece are the dial and its overall wearability. Swiss movement fake Omega has a broad catalog that we often forget about in light of far more popular models from the sports lines. A watch like the high quality fake Omega CK 859 shows that Omega doesn’t ignore its less sporty history prior to the Moon landing. Plus, the brand can revise a watch like this, fusing it with its latest movement technologies. Tempting… tempting indeed.

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